Children with epilepsy, with or without crisis, they are still children; so they must follow the same schooling as kids without epilepsy. Such disease does not alter the kids schooling, therefore they should be attending mainstream schools like any other kid.

However, children with epilepsy, who apart from seizures they suffer any other kind of disorder, such as behavior disorder, psychomotor retardation, movement or perceptive-sensorial disorders, might require multidisciplinary pedagogical model in special classrooms, in mainstream schools, or they should attend special schools.

Family should inform the school about the type of seizures of their kid, as well as how to treat them and the precautions to be taken. However, he/ she must be treated like any other kid, with no overprotection and with the discipline that his/ her age requires. Teachers must know how to act in front of a seizure to avoid the kid suffers any injury, as well as to educate the rest of the students to show solidarity with the epileptic child.

Generally, epileptic kids should bear the most regular life possible, for that matter, it is crucial that parents and teachers share a good communication and also have a wide understanding of this disease.


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