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Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

It is a brain disorder characterized by absence seizures and contractions with falling on the floor. It is often associated to the cause of mental retardation and psychomotor regression. The onset is usually between the 2 and 5 years old most likely to evolve to the West syndrome.



  • Atonic neck seizure: that is, head drop.
  • Convulsions: seizure frequency ranges from 9 to 70 in a day.
  • Slowness: language is frequently affected both slowness in ideation and expression
  • Severe behavioral disorders: (For instance: hyperactivity, aggressiveness and autistic tendencies)
  • Psychosis: There is also a tendency for psychosis to develop with time.
  • Mental retardation: this syndrome goes together with mental retardation in 100% of diagnosed cases.



The Lennox-Gestaut syndrome presents a type of epilepsy that requires a considerable amount of drug doses.  Yet in most of the cases, it is drug-resistant. As an alternative treatment, it is recommendable to carry on a ketogenic diet; a high-fat, adequate-proteinlow-carbohydrate diet that requires an experienced team assessment.

But this is the most adequate surgical treatment, whether through colostomy, vagal stimulation, multiple subpial transection, among many other procedures.