Dr. Antonio Russi


Antonio Russi Tintoré, MD


Antonio Russi, MD, neurologist and epileptologist, holds a degree in Medicine and Surgery at the Universitat de Barcelona (1972). He’s a Specialist in Neurology and Clinical Neurophysiology and an Expert in Epilepsy. Currently he’s the Director of Epilepsy Russi Institut, Director of Epilepsy Unit, and Electroencephalography Service at the Quirón Teknon Hospital and Director of the Neurology and Neurosurgery Institute of Barcelona.



Professional Practicing history:

  • Neurology Services assistant at the Sagrado Corazón Hospital, Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza Hospital.
  • On call Intern Neurologist at the Neurological Local Institute in Barcelona by examination.
  • Resident doctor at the Service of the Neurophysiology of the Neurology Department at the Hospital del Mar, Barcelona.
  • Neurologist at the Anti-epileptic Center of Barcelona (1978-1986).
  • Since 1987, he works in the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy difficult patients at any age, including surgical program.
  • He has participated in the organization of several international congresses and conferences and he is been also a researcher for new anti-epileptic drugs. 


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