Epilepsy is a nervous system disorder which affects to 10.5 millions of children all over the world.

It might be caused by genetic factors, infectious diseases such as meningitis and encephalitis, pregnancy and delivery problems, brain injuries and malformations in the brain development (brain cortex).

Most of the kids suffering this disease can live a “normal and healthy” life. Most of childhood epilepsy evolve positively and respond to the drug treatment. However, there is a 30% of the patients who are not able to control epilepsy, therefore they are likely to undergo epilepsy surgery or take alternative options such as vagal nerve stimulator (VNS), the ketogenic diet or hormone treatment.

Frequent causes

¿What can cause epilepsy in during child-age?

How to detect it in children?

Learn more about the symptoms and how to detect them

Treating childhood epilepsy

Child epilepsy has a treatment. The main goal of our team is to choose the most effective method with the fewest side effects to improve the life quality of the child’s life

Living with a child with epilepsy

Parenting tips for children with epilepsy: what to do, how to react, protection measures...

How to react in front of a seizure?

Steps to follow in front of a child epileptic seizure

Epilepsy at school

What kind of education must a child with epilepsy receive? How to get the teachers informed? What precautions should the school take?